linus – long way home nu {#025}

Artist: linus
long way home nu
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Three words why you should’ve downloaded this release – Linus strikes back! He overcomes on your sound system and controls the stereo with this maximum dope atmosphere which you just cannot stop listening. Long time since we’ve got anything from Linus and I’m definitely very happy of this track. Pay sum respect too cos it just might be the last 4 channeltrack that you will hear from the master of hiphop himself. He has announced that he is going to buy a PC and continue his musical career in that way.

News bit. We have got a new member to feed the hunger of the 4 channel fans who don’t all seem to be interested downloading our multichannels… doh 🙂 This new member appears by name Roz and I’m sure we all will hear some new material from this Finnish fella pretty soon. Peace out ! Then some BIG news 🙂 Things are running in Voodoo again. Pete E has closed his HTML zine ‘Cut Off’ down and as spoken, he will move his activities on Voodoo instead. Be ready for the big announcement soon when our homepage is finally ready. It’ll be more complete than before, except this in the next few weeks. You will be informed !


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