fndr – popin on dry martin {#009}

Artist: fndr
popin on dry martin
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this track is really strange i must admit, voodoo giving you more in that friendly cosy weird sound 🙂 this time as a guest release from our favourite swede, fndr. hopes you likes.

then the news bit. as it seemed to be almost impossible to get our inactive musicians composing anything, i had to remove some members. a group based on empty promises is not a group at all. so i’m sorry guys but i asked several times. but i’m giving dharma an another chance, so i’m still waiting some of that candy vibe from dharma. i hope we’ll hear some dope tracks from him in the near future. loke has already promised a track, just wait.

put there’s always sunshine in the end of the tunnel, and we’ve got a brand new member, very promising composer, linus, who is also a member of Phase^D and two new distributors, radavi and ganja man. welcome.


01 – popin on dry martin [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

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