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wow. we are back again. it’s strange that when we release four releases in five days, people are starting to hesitate and become more demanding. five days have passed since i released “liquid-in-space” and already uncountable amount of people have asked when is the next release coming out, even we’ve already been faster than any other music groups at this time period. anyway it’s now there to please all of you who have been so hesitant and let’s cut this bullshit here and now..

orlingo has done dope funkiness from somewhere in between hiphop & bigbeat. i don’t know how to exactly call it but it sounds cool and i guess he’s got some influences from his new eboman ep aswell 😛 uh goodie goodie track. so get your dancing shoes and get into the orlingo’s dancehall.


01 – astandardmodulename [MOD] [FLAC] [MP3]

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*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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