Ramone – Don’t fuck on me {cutoff05}

Artist: Ramone
Don’t fuck on me
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Da ganster kid from Germany does it again with a new fast flowing D&B track featuring samples from Scarface with Al Pacino. What can i say ?……Dis is drum n’ bass and it kicks permenat. Buhja……well if you havn’t noticed it yet i can tell you that Ramone is one of my favourite D&B artists if not the one. No negative sides on this track…..ohh yeah i almost forgot : )….it also features some oldschool demoscene samples from fx; Audiomonster….

What can i say check it out. It might be the d&b track of the year after my opinion

Here’s some bits of data for you…taken of the net at 3:26 a.m.

well oki…i tell i bout the tune ..
and later u can snap it out or sumthin 8)
im just listening to it .. havent heard it for a while
it like i always wanted to sample from scarface
but i only had it on german

[Pete E]

but i got freaked and checked sum in holland coz they have all in english
and my second inspiration were sum old amiga demo tunes
i took one or two audiomonster samples .. hes simply one of da best
that i took the elektronicmonks sample at da beginning from laxities demo tune from
ah yeah
desert dream
its hell of a demo
( To those of you how don’t know this demo. All i can say is that you missed something…
back tracking it’s a classic on the amiga scene. red.)
wait .. i pack it
and so there si a instrument sample from a tune called black pooding .. also a great old track
so u fall asleep eh 8)

[Pete E]
kinda like a tribute to old classics …..:)….me ? no……

well i mostly respect and like and luv c64 tunes

[Pete E]
i’m falling asleep cause i’m listinig to some very releaxing ambient 🙂

there is sum in tv
it’s called spacenite

01 – Don’t fuck on me [XM] [FLAC] [MP3]

*FLAC & MP3 zips also include the original versions.

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