Splif Productions – Year 3040 a.d. {cutoff02}

Artist: Splif Productions
Year 3040 a.d.
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Splif Productions back on track ! Well they are actually quite active at the moment and this is surely not the last time your gonna hear them on CutOff.
“Year 3040 a.d.” is a strange but nice mixup of different things, maybe due to the altertive of styles. First part got some nice and laid back drums and some funky guitar samples, but a some points it turns a bit messy. Second part, more d&b like and with some atmospheric strings. the introlude and the secondpart of the track is after my opinion the best….. remember to check those sax samples…….

Peter E.

Year 3040

I wanted to do a jazzy kind, laidbak-mellow-launge d&b/jungle trakk.I Had been listening to some guys at roskilde festival and started on this one, after getting alot of insperation from it 8) I started with finding some useable drums, and then making a bassline…. the bass line is OK, not more than that. Got a pretty nice flow to it. then after finding some more samples, i wanted a funky giutar riff on top of it, to lift the track with. sounds nice and cool i think. Then comes the second part. witch is more d&b+ambient stuff. made some filtered drums and squeeched a string out of erhh… maby a jv1080? cant remember really 8) Then i played what i had done for Skzio, and he came up with a few ideas.Its sort of a basic track. not much to it really, well thats my opinon atleast. You should, go and d/l this sucker now and judge for yourself 8)
rELiEf&sKIZo/m0no+pUZZLe+iMPACT pC+sND!

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