Location: France
Number Of Releases: 9
Years Active: 2007-2010

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Petite & Jolie is a new netlabel dedicated to cute and naive music no matter the genre till it’s “pink”, lovely and playful.

Petite&Jolie is a collective.
Petite&Jolie loves music.
Petite&Jolie loves drawing.

This collective has been started by two friends who really loved the idea of creating a place where they could merge both art that are music and illustration around the same themes and concepts. It all started with the ideas of “cuteness” but with more releases and so, people joining us, it finally evolved into something that would be almost impossible to stick a genre on… except a big P and a big J, generally enclosed inside a heart.

Now that the internet changed and we had a good time releasing some of the music we wanted, we are now thinking about new ways of promoting this collective, of growing up, evolving. This is for sure a long way but we are more than ever motivated into bringing new experiences to our followers from around the world.


1. (archived from 2007-2011)

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