Noiz Phaktah

Location: Australia
Number Of Releases: 11
Years Active: 2001-2002

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“Are we here? We are here. Welcome to the first release from Mono. Who are we? Well, if you know anything about the PC scene, you’ll know there’s a number of smart groups like Kosmic, Radical Rhythms, etc, who exist just to release music. Well, Mono is that, except on the Amiga. We aim to release the very best of electronic MOD music.” ¹

This was the introductory text written by h0l! when Mono was first formed, back in 1996. Since then they have released 100s of quality tunes, breaking out of their MOD ONLY philosophy to provide the public with the coolest kickass electronic MODs, XMs, ITs and have enjoyed great publicity and respect. But they turned, preferring to release MP3s only for the last number of years. And typically turned into another PC scener.

Noyz Phaktah wants to correct this 🙂

Noyz Phaktah “… is a music-group. We ONLY release MODULES (except for very special occasions). Elektronik musik only (ambient to gabba). Remember that. 🙂
/h0l.” ¹

¹ hollywood, mono211,


1. (search “np_”)

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