Location: Finland
Number Of Releases: 94
Years Active: 1998-2001

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Somewhere around year 1997 when bulleting boards were already facing their extinction, modscene began it’s immigration to the internet. At the time Milk was a collabration of two guys: S. Louhela (ceniq) and J. Koole (jcole).

The main distribution site back then was Cloudcity BBS, an active and respected hub in mod circles -in other words good soil for growth. Milk was quickly blessed with many contributions from artists like H. Kyllönen (No Xivic), Ylikulju, Distance (Lackluster),Illusion and so on.

With the help of our friend Ilkka Ylitie, Milk got it’s first domain and began it’s three year coexistence with other interesting netlabels.


1. (archived from 1999-2000)
2. (archived from 2001-2008)

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