Five Musicians

Location: Finland
Number Of Releases: 75
Years Active: 1995-1999

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FM is a one-year old group of musicians dedicated to the task of providing the scene quality musical productions. We try to be more than just your everyday music group, by working on many of our productions in cooperation with each other. Since our creation in early February 1995, we have been working hard to explore both our artistic talents, and to break new ground in the area of digitally tracked music.

FM was formed in February 1995 by Necros and Mellow-D after chatting on the phone one day and realizing that starting a good scene music group would be both fun and productive for the both of us. Necros called up Basehead and he seemed to be quite pleased with the idea and offered his services. And thus with a solitary ‘woop’ FM was begun. Originally we wanted to call the group ‘o’ per Mellow-D’s request, but soon we invited Big Jim to join and he suggested ‘FM’ as a name. Luckily by this time we had acquired the perfect number of musicians, and the name stuck.

Necros quickly released “Realization II” under the FM label, and things began to move along nicely. After a few more releases by members, Mellow-D invited Purple Motion to join. At that time we became aware of just how fortuitous it was that both ‘four’ and ‘five’ started with the letter ‘F’. So thus we became Five Musicians.

Things now were looking great, and Mellow-D released a musicdisk compilation of older tunes he had written called ‘Kaktoos‘. Weeks passed and the FM e-mail address was activated at (Mellow-D’s computer – moved to nowadays). Unfortunately, we realized that Purple Motion was proving to be both unreachable and unproductive, so we politely dismissed him from the group.

Thus we were once again Four Musicians. After languishing in this deplorable state for a few more weeks, we came upon a brilliant young musician from OTM named Stalker. Listening to his stuff, we realized that we had to snatch up this fine young fellow before he fell prey to the sinister lurkings of some european demo group. He accepted our invitation, and there was once again happiness and joy in the land of the music scene.

Then in the midst of the very poor The Party 1995, we acquired yet another brilliant shooting star. Having made the Hit Song of TP5, Spaceman, Vic joined FM in a glorious setting of 3000 computer nerds. Stalker left us to pursue other musical lines somewhat after.

Zodiak joined us finally on IRC in March, 1996, and Basehead came back from his pension to join again as a full member, and at the same time Big Jim was politely dismissed (we’ll miss ya!).

Vic left FM in October, 1996. After wandering around for about a week, we decided we wanted Wave in FM. Actually, we were thinking between two people, but finally decided on Wave. So we asked Wave himself if he wanted to be a part of FM and he said yes, and now the world was complete again! 🙂

In April of 1997, we celebrated our two year anniversary, commemorated by the disk ‘Two Years’. A few months later, our dear Erik (Zodiak) was really inactive in composing, so we decided it would be best to replace him (there’s no hard feelings between us) — In his place we picked up one of the most talented composers around, Hunz.

Much of ’97 was an inactive time for the group to due many things, but now in April ’98 we’re back and ready to get moving once again.


1. (archived from 1997-2006)

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