File Freakout

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Number Of Releases: 4
Years Active: 2007-2008

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Established in 2006, File Freakout was created by local philadelphia electronic musicians and artists. The idea was simple: to create an artist community through a network of talented musicians, visual artists, and creatives. For the past year, members like dino lionetti [Cheap Dinosaurs], don miller [No Carrier], alex mauer, and joey mariano [Animal Style] have been busy creating music and art while innovating their respective crafts. File Freakout has become well known in the following year for its advancements in the chiptune music genre and for its current music releases on actual Nintendo Carts [available in the purchase section]. File Freakout continues to advance the philadelphia electronic music scene. Along with creating a strong local scene, Dino Lionetti recently set out on his first US tour, bringing the best in Philadelphia chiptune music across the country.

File Freakout members continue to collaborate and work with other organizations to create individaulistic and innovative projects. File Freakout member Don Miller has been working with the world famous net label 8 Bit Peoples – producing flyer Roms and NES video carts for their live events. Both alex mauer and joey mariano have contributed mp3s to compilations on the Net Label File Freakout also hosted a show earlier this year that included San Diego electro artist Naomi and Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions.

The future holds many more music releases and art projects. Be on the lookout for upcoming free mp3 releases, more NES cartridge releases, free ROM releases, vinyl releases, and tape realeases. Also, new glitch clothes will be available soon from Brian Electro and a Record will soon be available from jeff fairlight. Check back for updates~!


1. (archived from 2007-2009)

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