Fairlight Music

Location: UK
Number Of Releases: 45
Years Active: 2001-2003

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Fairlight Music is a ‘scene’ music group with the goal to release some of the best music and music disks on the scene. Instead of having a swarm of members we are keeping the number of members at a minimum.

We will focus on quality instead of quantity. Many other groups seems to feel that quantity is more important than quality. The disks will be made in co-op with Fairlight’s demo division. They will contain beautiful art and code as well as music. Formats that will be used are .xm .it .mp3 among others.

If you are working on a serious game or record company, please contact us. Many of our members are more than willing to compose music for your projects.


1. fairlight.scene.org (archived from 2001-2007)
2. scene.org/pub/music/groups/fairlight

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