Bloatsucher – The Discipline Of Fibers {CANDY024}

Artist: Bloatsucher
Title: The Discipline Of Fibers
Catalog #: CANDY024
Label: Candy Mind Records
Release Date: 2006/06/04

Bloatsucher slides into the Candy realm like a jellyfish stuffed with dark chocolate, 70% cacao.

He is the man behind Eastern Tentacle and the inventer of the YXIAL vaccine used for treating malfunctions in the xeno/submarine world.
He won the Landcrab award 1987 for his tremendous efforts during the Gulf war and has since then earned more medals and awards than anybody in his line of work.

The year is 2006 and Dr. Bluht or Bloatsucher as he calls himself continues his explorations in the twilight zone between music and astro/marine biology.

He seems to be particulary interested in the work with fibers and filaments and apparently he uses DOS quite a lot when making music.

And when we ask him about his rather strange choice of carrier he just smiles a little and proclaims: ” I like moluscs and i like music, that´s how I am!! “

The work with fibers and advanced fiber technology has never ever been frightening for Dr. Bluht aka Bloatsucher aka Boolseaker. He once said that he is fascinated by the endless combinations and patterns you are able to create within a few seconds.

A jazzy tune that Bloatsucher used to play for both men and fish to cheer them up. Always a big success!

When Dr. Bluht aka Bloatsucher first heard about the out dying landcrabs in the Gulf he couldn´t believe what he was told. But a week later he and a crew of 63 men were positioned all over the shores to prevent the infantry from stepping on the fragile crabs.

Ping Pong, perhaps not particulary one of Bloatuscher´s favourite hobbies but even so a pretty good way of staying in shape while collecting balls and rackets and stuff.

“DOS is not hard! It is easy!!” At least if you ask Bloatsucher. “I can do everything I want from the DOS prompt, challenge me, come on!” he roars as we leave his house for our return to the much safer Candy Mind HQ.

01 – Fibers [MP3]
02 – $1000 Bonus Deluxe [MP3]
03 – Landcrabs [MP3]
04 – Ping Pong [MP3]
05 – Doing It In DOS [MP3]

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