76 Zec

Location: Pavia, Italy
Number Of Releases: 1
Years Active: 2012

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76 Zec is  label focusing on “dead” and obsolete audio formats:

Floppy Disc
It’s one of the most famous way to store data. Now it’s going to be forgotten because of new storage devices.

Compact Cassette
Commonly known as tapes are one of the best we to manage analog audio at home. They made the history of several different knid of music. They are still in use, but they are used rarely and it’s now diffucult to find decks for playing.

Video CD (and it’s brother Super Video CD)
Almost disappear but still living. VCD is now going to be be a forgotten format because of DVDs and now Blu-ray Disc. Every dvd palyer should able to read and it’s like a cheap dvd.

They’ve been used for dictation for years, now they are expensive and difficult to find as the recorder itself.


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