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Hard Nights
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Things have been slowing down a little at Monotonik HQ recently. We think it’s something to do with just how crowded the netlabel scene has got – with literally thousands of labels, how is anyone going to find just one?

Fortunately, we’ve got a good idea of how to do it – just release stellar tracks from awesome Monotonik stalwarts. And this method is getting kicked off via Beak’s ‘Hard Nights’, the fourth release from the awesome guitar-electronics spaz on Monotonik since his epochal 2003 debut, ‘Amoral Mayor Earwig’.

We start off with ‘Sea Pen Meets Anglerfish’, the story of a subaqua coming-together which shows off Beak’s gorgeous melodic stylings, before we segue into the super-funky ‘Limozeen’, all low vocoder yelps and staccato splats.

Of course, there’s more – particularly ‘Forlon’s Diminish’, which is evocative, far-off jams in Beak’ssignature electro-acoustic doublestep, and we end with ‘Red H’, as Beak-y as you can get, with his  Squarepusher through an echo chamber beats pushed to the beautiful limit. Now, that’s a way to get your confidence back.

pic by beak

01 – Sea Pen Meets Anglerfish
02 – Limozeen
03 – Cup
04 – Forlon’s Diminish
05 – Red H

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