Aleksi Eeben – The Four Tales {mtk201}

Artist: Aleksi Eeben
The Four Tales
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We’re delighted to welcome back Finnish artist Aleksi Eeben, with the latest in his beguilingly offbeat electronic ‘numbers’ series for Monotonik, ‘The Four Tales’ – all soaring leads and strange tonal interplay.

Now, it’s possible that Eeben – who has been composing electronic music for nearly the past 20 years, initially as Amiga demo-scene legend ‘Heatbeat’, is a distinctly acquired taste, thanks to his borderline avant jazz influences.

But if first track ‘Minor Tale’ – all sweetly sliding lead and pitter-patter bass – doesn’t convert you to his way of thinking, then there’s clearly something wrong here. Later on, ‘Grand Tale’ rocks the majestic rock synth crossover, all paradiddles and strange incidentals.

Finally, there’s ‘Aspen, Maple & Pine Leaves’, which ends thing on the oddest of blooping cuteness, with some almost classicl phrasings teamed with analog synth and bells. Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing else like this out there – which is why we love Aleksi.

pic by Aleksi Eeben

01 – Minor Tale
02 – Medium Tale
03 – Grand Tale
04 – Nightingale
05 – Lost Tale
06 – Aspen, Maple And Pine Leaves

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