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Introduced to Monotonik by long-time friend Tim Koch, we’re delighted to present an EP from the kinetic Australian duo of Bird Lantern. The group comprises Greig Thomson and Al Thumm from Adelaide, to be precise, with extra personnel when playing live, and they have been making music since they met in 2000, and are signed to Australian indie Kinderbox Records.

In any case, ‘DuD’ is a delightfully loop-centric EP that reminds vaguely of laid-back compatriots The Avalanches, but artfully mixed with a whole raft of guitar-based, hiphop, and sample-heavy influences. Opener ‘Phasers’ is scrappy hiphop loops with odd spoken word snippets dotted all over it, whereas ‘Sweet Papa Fridge’ is wah wah and low-key funk all over the shop.

For the rest of the EP, we have ‘Off The Beaten Track’, sorta transposing Old West charm into the Australian melange, and finally the flute loop charm of ‘Thrill’ ends everything out, smiling off into the sunset. It’s another shift of pace for Monotonik, but that’s just how we like it. Happy September, all.

pic by Bird Lantern

01 – Phasers
02 – Sweet Papa Fridge
03 – Off The Beaten Track
04 – Thrill

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