Ckid – Down With Ghosts {mtk188}

Artist: Ckid
Down With Ghosts
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We’re delighted to welcome back René ‘Ckid’ Margraff, the German electronic artist who released on Monotonik back in 2000 (as Crashkid) and 2001, and went on to notable physical releases on Becalmed and Duotone Records, back to the label with a beautifully formed, evocative full-length album, ‘Down With Ghosts’.

Full of chanted and whispered vocals and an evocative, almost shoegaze-centric attitude to idm/electronics, ‘Down With Ghosts’ starts with the semi-conscious drawl of ‘From A To Z’, before the title track crosses subtle beats with drifting vocals, and things flow swiftly on.

Some of the other highlights include ‘Even Smaller’, which verges on decidedly funereal, paranoid pop music, and ‘Blink’, which swirls in layers and layers of vocals, melodies, and indecision, and multiple switches back to the ‘Ghosts’ formula, with the final one adding vocals, guitars, and vocoders to the mix. This is a mature, sophisticated, and wholly formed album, and we’re very pleased to put it out.

pic by ckid

01 – From A To Z
02 – Down With Ghosts
03 – Empty Carpark
04 – Ghost 3 (Yurei)
05 – Even Smaller
06 – Time Monsters
07 – Backwards
08 – Mulch
09 – Blink
10 – Closed
11 – Ghost4

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