BitBasic – Grating Rainbows {mtk186}

Artist: BitBasic
Grating Rainbows
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A triumphant Monotonik debut from glitched-up UK resident BitBasic, whose ‘Grating Rainbows’ EP speeds through 8 tracks in just 18 minutes, and offers a whirlwhind tour to some deliciously cut-up drill & bass action, someone between early Squarepusher, our very own Beak, and somewhere entirely new. Hawesome.

Things start out with the loopy, surreal ‘Soap’, before the lush, hiphop-infused ‘Emaze’ wanders into view, all lyrical jazz riffs and drilled-up drums, gloriously sunny throughout. And what else? Ah, ‘Amen Break Steals The Show’ features an appearance from our favorite loop, apparently, and title track ‘Grating Rainbows’ is light, fleet, and funky as hell.

Overall, then, quite different from some of the more austere, symphonic idm Monotonik puts out, but a floatier, lightier, funkier approach for the summer makes everyone happy, not least our listeners – and we hope to hear more from the dazzling complexities of BitBasic soon.

pic by bitbasic

01 – Soap
02 – Left Here
03 – Emaze
04 – Shroom
05 – Amen Break Steals The Show
06 – Grating Rainbows
07 – Watch Less TV
08 – Rest

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