Chromatic Flights – Memories From The Audible Color Wheel {mtk184}

Artist: Chromatic Flights
Memories From The Audible Color Wheel
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A debut, then, for Florida-based Kyle Wyss, under his electronic music alias Chromatic Flights, with the floating, serene indietronica of ‘Memories From The Audible Colour Wheel EP’ – some of the lusher, more indie-influenced instrumental grooves we’ve run across in a while.

Wyss is just 17 years old, and we’ll let him explain: “This is my first solo EP (Memories from the Audible Colour Wheel), but I’ve been playing in an indie/experimental rock band for about 4 years. I decided over the past year or so that i wanted to make some even more experimental/acoustic organic indie with the advantages of electronic music while still using my own live samples of guitar, keyboard and vocals throughout.”

So, for starters we have ‘What Came To Life When The Toy Store Closed’, all kinds of lush tinkly indie-ish grooves that reminds of Transient vs. some of the more expansive indie organgrinding oddities of recent years, before ‘Trip To Wipilon’ pops up, casually strummed guitar tailing off into ambient airwaves. From there, there’s the radio tune-in of ‘Dripped’ before we end out with ‘A Cold Drift By The Reef’, which is happy and triumphant and reveals itself in carefully choreographed stages. An auspicious start, for sure.

pic by chromatic flights

01 – What Came To Life When The Toy Store Closed
02 – Trip To Wipilon
03 – Nado Con El Pulpo
04 – Dripped
05 – A Cold Drift By The Reef

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