Flutterspot – Suitable For A Desire To Share {mtk181}

Artist: Flutterspot
Suitable For A Desire To Share
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We’re delighted to present a second release from Finnish graphic artist and musician Flutterspot, following the ‘Labmat EP’ back in early 2006, and this time round, ‘Suitable For A Desire To Share’ is almost 40 minutes of lushly layered electronic music to die for – or at least freeze a little bit.

We start off with the oddly titled ‘Small, Brightly Coloured, Highly Arboreal’, which hops up into the trees for some almost Boards Of Canada-esque loping beats and marvellously complex electronic beats. From there on, there’s just all kinds of mature fun to be had, with ‘Cumulonimbus Arcus’ looping all over the place in delight.

What else? Blimey, ‘A Minor Lovesong’ is all guitars and style and ‘Hover In Mid-Air’ is semi-ambient bliss, and this all adds up to one of the most accomplished Monotonik releases we’ve had in some time – so everyone say thank you to the mysterious Flutterspot, eh?

pic by flutterspot

01 – Small, Brightly Coloured, Highly Arboreal
02 – Softening Distortions
03 – You Are Not An End Of A Rainbow
04 – Cumulonimbus Arcus
05 – Take Care, Etc.
06 – A Minor Lovesong
07 – I Think The Way You Moved The Stars Around…
08 – Alignments Of Heartal Points
09 – Hover In Mid-Air By Rapidly Flapping Their Wings
10 – What Is This?

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