Ollie Cram – Rai-Ken {mtk178}

Artist: Ollie Cram
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Something different, this time out, with the part nu-chill, part world music, part live-played album, ‘Rai-Ken’ from Bristol, UK native Ollie Cram – it’s pitched somewhere between the chillout of previous Monotonik releaser Izmar and something much further out than that, and that’s why we dig it.

Things start out with ‘Over Yonder’, all interplay with the live-played organ – there’s also guitar, keyboards, synth, bass, and mandolin played live on the album by Mr. Cram himself – before we move on to the funky guitar interplay of ‘Whatever You Say’, and far beyond that.

Some other highlights? The positively glorious strut of ‘Peace In Our Land’, and the almost elevatormuzak chill of ‘Rai-Ken’ itself. Again, this may not quite be our normal speed, but I think that’s why we like it – it’s good to be different, and the album, which was previously available on a number of paid music download portals, is all kinds of out there.

pic by Ollie Cram

01 – Away Over Yonder
02 – Whatever You Say
03 – It Could Have Been Me
04 – Down Quietways
05 – Blame
06 – Hey Mama
07 – Peace In Our Land
08 – Maya
09 – Awaiting Alanna
10 – Rai-Ken
11 – There’s Something To Be Said
12 – Magic

Front Cover

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