commodore 64 orchestra – the model {m3d,047}

Artist: commodore 64 orchestra
the model
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After a long break for summer time antics,
be back with a jackin’
rear its nasty little head,

made to rock your dirty little mind.
Zune media
player and Napster
Mobile, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and
iTunes despite the Love
consisting of nine reflective tracks.

compositions are emotive and their melodies carry
of nostalgia, guilt, regret, love, loss,
hurt, and longing.

The ever so delicate electronics are pleasant
and add an additional texture
expression in between the detailed picking.

and we have our own
entry into the battlefield. All specially made
tracks designed
to make your body sweat

Were hitting the airways with Commodore 64 Orchestra on the Zune media player and Napster, Mobile, Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, iPod, and iTunes despite the Love consisting of nine reflective tracks.

About Chicago’s 8-Bit punk outfit:

Imagine David Bowie listening to his favorite electro in his limousine. Now fast forward back to the future. Disco electro clash synthesizers tear into hard grooves with multiple Commodore 64 computers. Feathered hair, girls with legwarmers. Ray-Bans never looks so cool. The band was conceptualized
by Nico Demonte of Computer Music with MOS 6510 on drums and Candy Roxx on vocals. The band’s MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID (Sound Interface Device) sound is attributed to the wide array of micro computing technology, and
programmers, with the band test piloting early software releases. Early tapes written in assembly language were combined with the SID’s 64 kilobytes of RAM and sounds of the VIC-20 and Amiga 500 computer. The 1988 release of
Superman and Model versions were actively being traded and swapped on the Commodore Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). With over 30 million computers sold, the C64 is the most popular computer of the 1980’s, placing Nico among the 80s fashion and trend setting electro clash bands Kraftwerk, Yaz, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Italo Disco, Thomas Dolby, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Roxy Music, Duran Duran, Gary Numan, and the Eurythmics. Listen to Commodore 64 Orchestra on the upcoming release of Torian InFusion, and XM and Sirius satellite radio.

01 – flatbeat
02 – the model
03 – zoolook89

the model

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