Kuu – Ioplus EP {mtk170}

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Ioplus EP
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This is, believe it or not, the first Monotonik release for Kuu (formerly known as Substance, and definitively known as Finland’s very own Joonas Vahamaki) since 1999 (!). But after a 7 year absence, we’re delighted to welcome him back to the fold with the awesome ‘Ioplus EP’, 4 tracks of beautifully crunchy IDM.

Since we last released music from him, he’s done a bunch of neat work for various labels, most recently returning to the breakbeat hardcore massif with fellow Finn Niko Virta and their duo Nervous & Anxious, which has releases on UK oldskool breakbeat labels like Enormous Mouse Records, Mert Wax and Hardcore Projectz. But this material is definitely Monotonik-ish, led off by the looping, almost cosmic ‘Io’.

There’s plenty more goodness in here too, though – ‘Rosa’ is all crunching beats and carefully rising and falling moods, much like the .MODs Joonas used to compose for us as Substance in the early days of Mono. Things finish out with ‘Pine’ and then ‘Bonus Track’, which is low profile and loopy and finally transcendental. Plenty of kicks, right?

pic by Kuu

01 – Io
02 – Rosa
03 – Pine
04 – Bonus Track

Front Cover

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