Kenneth Kirschner – Indeterminate Series {NM006}

Artist: Kenneth Kirschner
Indeterminate Series
 Natural Media
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Our multimedia edition [NM006] offers a selection of pieces of indeterminate music based on software (flash archives) created by a sound artist who is recognised across the world for his contributions to open source music. We are referring to Kenneth Kirschner, who developed these pieces in collaboration with the multimedia programmer Craig Swann. Through the use of built-in chance procedures, the piece is both indeterminate in composition (it will be different on each listening), and indefinite in duration (the piece will play continuously for as long as the listener wishes).

01 – May 3, 2005
02 – July 29, 2004
03 – August 10, 2005
04 – September 8, 2005
05 – October 15, 2005

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