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Artist: Planet Boelex
Misplaced EP
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We’re delighted to be able to release Finland’s idm maestro Planet Boelex’s third EP for Monotonik, ‘Misplaced’, following some enchanting EPs and single releases for netlabels including Ogredung, Aerotone, and Afe Records. Actually, it’s arguably the most reflective of the bunch, even including guest vocals and guitar, as Ossi, aka Boelex himself, stretches across ever more expansive, ambient Scandinavian vistas.

The first track out of the gate, ‘Only Slightly Distant’, showcases a style that’s even smoother than normal, all pitter patter in the night, before ‘Diciassette Anni’, which includes vocals written and performed by Valentina Gualtieri in Italian, drifts rather slinkily into view. Most intriguing of all is probably ‘Seadreamers’, including acoustic guitar by U.S. musician Travis Nobles (who also provided the cover art for this release), and providing a very different atmosphere for this particular excursion.

Thus, we finish up with ‘Last Stone’, which we won’t leave unturned or unlistened, thanks to a little more signature melodic interplay from Planet Boelex, as his music gets more sophisticated, more chilled, and more enjoyable all at once. Again, we thank him.

cover by Travis Nobles

01 – Only Slightly Distant
02 – Diciassette Anni
03 – Seadreamers
04 – Last Stone

Front Cover

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