Press Play On Tape {CANDY020}

Title: Press Play On Tape
Candy Mind Records
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We really like this time, to present something that is not music, but a movie, to widen the realm of Candy Mind and blablabla…

… we all remember the old 8-bit computer heroes from the 80s, don’t we? But have you ever thought about what happened to them when their era was over, when they got passé?

In the land of old computer games, the people have grown disilussioned, anxious and scared. Does god really exist? And if he does, does he really care about us anymore? And when it all comes down to it; does these questions really matter at all?

In a dark and barren 8-bit world, a depressed ex-space-pilot is searching for answers, searching for the truth…

So, pop your popcorns and take your place in the Candy Cinema, we meet you there!

Press Play On Tape

Front Cover

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