New Delhi FM – Daylight Confusion {mtk158}

Artist: New Delhi FM
Daylight Confusion
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You may have heard of German idm stars New Delhi FM from their excellent album release on Soulseek Records back in 2003, ‘Far From Yesterday’. Though the group originally started as a three-piece collective consisting of Sandro Boege, Paul Krege and Marc Hofling, nowadays, just Sandro is at the helm, and Monotonik is proud to present ‘Daylight Confusion’, a dense 55-minute ‘EP’ that’s the first major release from New Delhi FM in over 2 years.

‘Daylight Confusion’ is particularly interesting because of its oblique denseness, showcasing an oddly resonant brand of complex electronics that starts out with ‘Under Major Influence’, all prickly but lovable. Skewing far more minimal and alternative than other recent Monotonik fare, the title track, ‘Daylight Confusion’ itself, is a carefully building, languid pool of understated beauty.

Some other highlights include ‘Across The Floor’, which warps its way around the sonic map in an almost Tangerine Dream flavor, and ‘Faster Variation Of Straw’, a dark, drone-ish piece which is just difficult enough to please, but just accessible enough to leave you wanting more. Not, perhaps, your average Monotonik release, but rather a major, significant work from New Delhi FM which doesn’t ape, just differentiates.

01 – Under Major Influence
02 – Tomorrow Doesn’t Matter
03 – Daylight Confusion
04 – Teapen
05 – They Were Looking For Peace In Neon Lights
06 – Continuing What Is Yet To Come
07 – Across The Floor
08 – A Strange Day (In The Past)
09 – Faster Variation Of Straw
10 – HSEB 0

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Back Cover
Back Cover (Square)

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