Psilodump – Sov Gott {CANDY013}

Artist: Psilodump
Sov Gott
Candy Mind Records
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All kind of animals (cats, goats, dogs, beards) in the big fruity candy forests are coming to listen when bitter sweet super hero Psilodump is guesting the realm of Candy Mind with his newest inventions Psilodump is showing us all kind of crazy stuff; stuffed moles mutated with a potato in Trak2, alien cereals in Transport and a very dangerous killing machine filled with ice in Sitting very still.

It’s kind of a freak show, and everyone comes to the freak show, to laugh at the freaks and the geeks, everyone comes to the freak show, but nobody laughs when they leave…

Coming home from Psilodumps crazy show is kind of hard, you know a lot of weird nightmares is waiting for you when you’ll go to sleep.
Psilodump has just got one greeting: saying “sov gott!”.

1. TRAK2
Honouring his Mexican ancestors, Psilodump is sending out his purple tentacles for catching more of the jelly stuff that he likes. And what ever you do: stay clear of the tentacles!!

2. YTA I
A surface is always a surface and will always be a surface, it’s what’s hiding under the surface that is the question. And what is hiding under Psilodumps surface? You will never know for sure!

When Psilodump is in a really good mood after a gig he is always going straight into the transport, and is sitting there until next gig. It may sound a bit boring, but the transport is a very cool place with a lot of strange stuff in it. For example a magic cup.

The exciting sequel of track number two on this release. Don’t miss it, or it will miss you!

Since the other person is sitting very still, your brain emphasizes the information coming from the moving hand, and parts of the person’s face disappears… This is what’s happening to our Psilodump.

01 – Trak2
02 – Yta I
03 – Inside the Transport
04 – Yta II
05 – Sitting Very Still

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