Igor O. Vlasov – Lab.Works {KNOB003}

Artist: Igor O. Vlasov
Title: Lab.Works
Catalog #:
Release Date:

After listening to Igor’s demo stuff, ‘Knobs’ netlabel headquarters had no doubts about releasing it. The content of future ‘Lab.Works’ mini-album showed a masterpiece. Hardly determined music style of Moscow, Russia based electronic music composer stays mostly similar to dub techno, tech-house with Detroit influences. Driving basslines, excellent percussion and hi-hat action together with tons of minimalistic samples makes an unique soundscape for your maximum pleasure. The ‘Ipanema’ with its muffled basses, deep chords, ‘Radar’ – with its full abstract filtered construction and other -‘Largo’, ‘Cocoon’, ‘Panorama’ are futuristic, innovative tracks made with a professional approach by a producer who already released his 12″ vinyls on Switzerland’s Handheld and US De’fchild Productions labels. Lab.Works is a storming debut of Igor O. Vlasov on netlabel scene .. Nothing much to say. Music will speak for itself ..

01 – Largo
02 – Panorama
03 – Ipanema
04 – Radar
05 – Cocoon

Front Cover

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