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early reflections
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early reflections is an inspiring introduction into the expanding ambient world of liam skogland (aka (val)liam).

ambient music has always played a humble role in the electronic music scene. high levels of gratitude and respect are given to those producers that have the creativity and patience to evolve a genre plagued with periodicity. skogland is quickly on his way to becoming one of those artists.

begin your adventure with “orange horizon“. picture an enchanting sunrise over a calm and secluded lake, on a warm august morning. lush, balmy pads play a familiar role throughout the entire release, creating a strong foundation for new layers of sound to tickle the senses.

the uplifting naturistic moods in “avalon” give the listener an effortless enjoyable experience that carries well into the next few tracks. compelling elements of acoustic + ibanez guitar, heard in “wonder” and “distance“, act as a refreshing alternative to the atmospheric leads presented in most of the compositions.

early reflections“, the ep’s title track, delivers and sets itself apart from the rest. treat yourself to pulsating kicks and deep synthetic progressions as (val)liam concludes his journey in hypnotic fasion. celebrate dewtone’s 6th release, a modest example of yet another young canadian artist breaking out of his musical shell.

flash cover design :: imark-media

01 – orange horizon
02 – dissolution
03 – avalon
04 – distance
05 – negative ions
06 – somewhere not here
07 – pass out
08 – wonder
09 – early reflections

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