Little Kid Human – Personal Trained Thinker {CANDY008}

Artist: Little Kid Human
Personal Trained Thinker
Candy Mind Records
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Normally we won’t allow humans to release music on Candy Mind but this time we just couldn’t say no.

Little Kid Human, a unpolluted youngster from the west coast, is bringing us some beautifully crafted tunes with a childish approach.
Here naive melodies are accompanied by strident beats, playpen harmonies and various sounds from the playground.

Take part in this exhilarating adventure filled with sandboxes, strawberries and imaginary superheroes.

1. 2KAI
As a starter Little Kid Human takes us on a guided tour around his parents brand new amusement park and we get a sneak preview of all the flibbertigibbets and thrill rides and hyper coasters and magic castles. Awesome!

It’s just before bedtime, but Little Kid Human is not tired at all. Prepare for a wild but friendly pillow fight!

It’s a warm, sunny day and all the kids are gathering in the sandbox. Little Kid Human is also there of course, teaching the other whelps how to make the tallest sand tower…and it’s getting higher, and higher, and even HIGHER…

Little Kid Human is visiting his grandma Mrs. Eriqson and they are spending the whole day together. Grandma is reading an exciting book about dinosaurs, playing seek and hide…and our kid is eating an awful lot of cookies.

Little Kid Human and his imaginary friends are leaving us now. They take of in the ultimate flight of fancy, soaring through the air and their silhouettes can be seen against the full moon a short while before they finally disappear behind the clouds.

01 – 2 Kai
02 – Knowing
03 – Motrist
04 – Eriqson
05 – Nusi

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