Kwook! – Immiscible EP {[one011]}

Artist: Kwook!
Immiscible EP
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Simon Bennett aka Kwook makes his first mark at One by introducing this classy touch of ambience and sound exploration. Finding rhythms in washing machines, peeling tangerines, painting melancholy.. whatever they are, to try and pin down the sources and mentality behind a collection labeled as Immiscible stikes us as being counter productive to the process.

Bennett unravels a peek within his wide tapestry of style on this release, from the opening movement of cloudhopper to the familiar warming questions of psychopomp. As long time fans and after a month of waiting, we’re excited to release this solid work of eccentricity and exploration.

Photography by John Nguyen

01 – cloudhopper
02 – washerloop
03 – apolloguiltly (black spectres mix)
04 – psychopomp

Front Cover

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one011-kwook-immiscible_ep [TXT]

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