Lackluster – Live At Freeflow, Helsinki 16/07/03 {mtk129}

Artist: Lackluster
Live At Freeflow, Helsinki 16/07/03
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Courtesy of probably the most renowned artist on Monotonik, Finland’s pukka idm maestro Lackluster, late of DeFocus Records, Merck, Rikos, and a host of other labels, we have a rare treat – a full, hour-long live set recorded at Helsinki’s M-Bar in July 2003.

There, using a laptop running the great Ableton Live software, Esa ‘Lackluster’ Ruoho mashed up classic Monotonik tracks, remixes, and on-the-spot jams into a cohesive whole – highlights include a gorgeous unreleased track, the super-catchy Ceniq remix which formerly featured on seminal netlabel Milk, the splicing of some surprising breaks into the classic downtempo of ‘Bothersome (Mother Mix)’, and the final jazzy ambience of a cunning Proem remix, bizarre voice modulations and all. Much kudos to Lackluster for not only recording the moment, but allowing us to put it out for free – return the favor and pick up some of his vinyl or CDs when you have the chance?

Tracklisting for the set is as follows:

00:00 01. starcell u.k. (container foc350cd/lp deFocus)
07:07 02. in passing (wrapping foc369cd/lp deFocus)
15:05 03. (unreleased)
21:55 04. 14/07/02 (unreleased)
27:58 05. ceniq: gaylab (lacklustermx) (ceniq: gaylab ep/milk (mp3))
34:42 06. ableton mashup
36:22 07. bothersome (mothermix) (container foc350cd/lp deFocus)
42:49 08. ableton mashup
47:47 09. cull streak (container foc350cd/lp deFocus)
51:46 10. proem: standard naming convention (80bpm rmx) (remixselection one cat#TBA/cd psychonavigation)

gear used:
sony vaio grx-690 running ableton live 2
rme hammerfall dsp

[You can find out more info about Lackluster at]

pre-laptop pic courtesy Lackluster

01 – Live At Freeflow, Helsinki 16/07/03

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