Transient – Ancient EP {mtk110}

Artist: Transient
Ancient EP
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We’re delighted to present a debut EP from US artist Transient, in the form of “Ancient EP”. With previous releases on Darla, Skylab Operations, and TBTMO, his enchanting electronica has been wandering happily around the world for a while now, and we’re happy to hasten its passage with this release.

The debut track, “Gypsonic”, sets the mood perfectly, with sweeping synths, complex and beautiful rhythms, and a gorgeously floating end product. The rest of the tracks on the EP only continue with that tradition, with “Tiny Flame”, all complex beats and smooth, smooth melodies, plus the guitar inflected “Self Validating Chipmunk” remix other highlights of this EP. So remember, if you want to stay happy for the permanent, choose Transient.

[Also, Transient released a 20mb trailer video for this release, featuring the song “Vigorous Chipmunk” plus some really nice cut-up, treated ambient video footage which reminds us of the cool Transambient TV/DVD series. Go grab it, if you haven’t seen it.]

cover by transient

01 – Gypsonic
02 – Tiny Flame
03 – Vigorous Chipmunk
04 – Gypsonic (3 Yr Remix)
05 – Self Validating Chipmunk

Front Cover

Vigorous Chipmunk

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