Vim! – _ EP {mtk077}

Artist: Vim!
 _ EP
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This 3-track miniaturised release from the genius of Vim! has been floating around for a few months now, along with a mass of other material he’s accumulated since the release of his “Linden: Home Of The Hits” album for Surgery Records.

In some ways, this is closer to the couple of tunes Keith has released as Vom, with perfectly ambient sketches and much influence from artists such as Windy and Carl. But where “00” lays on the Harold Budd-esque carefully placed mess of keys in truly beautiful fashion, “01” has the mellowest interference you’ve ever heard, and “02”, the most verbose of the lot, finishes things off neatly by laying on a gently cranking undersea musicbox view of life.

All this bodes well for the upcoming set of Vim! pieces waiting to be discovered, from a mooted upcoming Surgery follow-up, through his Marumari remix on Carpark Records, all the way to pseudonymous ventures into Stereolab-ish groove and 8-bit rap cut-ups. Believe us, we’ll keep you posted.

cover by pliant

01 – 00
02 – 01
03 – 02

Front Cover

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