DJ Ninjamachine – Relentlessly Upfull {mrv007}

Artist: DJ Ninjamachine
Relentlessly Upfull
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And this is where Monotonik and monoRAVEik really part company. Cosmopolitan he may be, but we just can’t see h0l seeing this one as the right style for the IDM-ness that our beloved parent specialises in these days. Ladies and gentlemen, leave your brain at the door and grab a bottle of water. It’s raving time!

“Relentlessly Upfull” is just that. One hundred percent happy happy happy. Piano-riffs and synth-stabs ago-go with a few helium vocals and a diva (Penny Ford in this case) belting out the meaningless powerballad speak in the background. Ninj is a man living on an almost permanent endorphin high.

This is the type of music you don’t need drugs for. In fact, if you find yourself taking drugs to enjoy music, may we suggest you at least consider the possibility of trying another type of music? 😉

cover by subi

01 – Relentlessly Upfull

Front Cover

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