DJ Nova – Twang Thang: Mortimer Twang Mixed Up {mtwdj05}

Artist: DJ Nova
Twang Thang: Mortimer Twang Mixed Up
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This immaculately dressed mix, by Slovenia’s DJ Nova, of .MODs (and a few.MP3s) from the all-time tracking great, Sweden’s Mortimer Tee, serves to illustrate MT’s prodigous and gorgeous output from 1993 to the present day. Always operating beneath the radar, Mortimer is an obscure prodigy who demands your attention – like, why isn’t this stuff major-label released?

So, whether he’s busting out the heavy hiphop grooves of “Streetjazz” or the mixed-up funk cut-ups of “Born Toulouse”, Mortimer’s sample choices and rhythms are always exquisite. His influences from abstract jazz, hiphop, dub, and funk, and bad-ass vocal snippets combine to create the sound which put him at the vanguard of things with his cult .MOD groups Black Sista and Disciples of Ageema on the Amiga in the mid-’90s.

And indeed, one mustn’t forget the sterling mixing efforts of DJ Nova, who really knows his Mortimer material, and even slips in a crafty Alan Partridge sample or two in between his neat mixing and lightingfast cut-ups in this officially- sanctioned-by-MT-himself mix. Nice one, guv.

The tracklisting for the mix is as follows (the original .MODs are hard to source online right now, maybe the ‘mythical’ .MOD site mtk+friends might eventually make will fix that problem!):

1. Mortimer Twang – “Street Jazz” (Black Sista)
2. Mortimer Twang – “Near To You [Original/Loop]” (Divine Stylers)
3. Mortimer Twang – “Land” (Black Sista)
4. Mortimer Twang – “Beathead” (Black Sista)
5. Mortimer Twang – “Dirty Revenge” (Black Sista)
6. Mortimer Twang – “Medina’s Revenge” (Choqolat Records)
7. Mortimer Twang – “Born Toulouse” (Black Sista)
8. Mortimer Twang – “Ageema Blues” (Black Sista)
9. Mortimer Twang – “Le Singe Bleu” (Black Sista)
10. Mortimer Twang – “Dream Soundtrack” (Black Sista)
11. Mortimer Twang – “MT’s King Groove” (Black Sista)
12. Mortimer Twang – “Tranquility” (Black Sista)
13. Mortimer Twang – “Dub2000” (Disciples Of Ageema Blues)
14. Mortimer Twang – “Lovetheme From Me” (Dunka/Ageema)
15. Mortimer Twang – “Tranquil-mt981028” (Disciples Of Ageema Blues)
16. Mortimer Twang – “Originaldub” (Ryal)
17. Mortimer Twang – “Anita” (Divine Stylers)

cover by dj nova

01 – Twang Thang: Mortimer Twang Mixed Up

Front Cover

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