Mistress Nine – State Of Anxiety {mrv004}

Artist: Mistress Nine
State Of Anxiety
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There’s nothing like a little monoRAVEik action to mash the place up a little, and surprisingly enough, this time it’s from a newcomer, Mistress Nine, busting out the proto-breakbeat moves so smoothly, you’d believe it was the lord Subi himself at the keys.

You might know Mistress Nine as one of the leading lights in the DJ scene at ‘The Village’, Portmeiron’s own special gated community. It’s fortunate for us that she managed to get this mp3 unimprisoned, and we’re now able to enjoy the blend of breathy vocals, crunching beats, and rasping analog synths. What with Public Domain shooting back up the charts in the UK, is it time for monoRAVEik to enjoy a critical renaissance? We think so, but then, we’re still Acen fans at heart.

cover by subi

01 – State Of Anxiety

Front Cover

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