Luminfire – Mono BPM Vol.1 {mtwdj04}

Artist: Luminfire
Mono BPM Vol.1
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With all the mp3s Monotonik+friends have been releasing of late, sometimes people (including us!) forget about the 200+ .MODs we released from 1996-1999, all of which are still available on the Mono site!

Fortunately, US-based Luminfire hasn’t forgotten about the early house, techno, and beat-based .MODs we put out as Mono back then, and so he put together this mix for us that highlights some of the best material from back then. Want your Mortimer Twang? We got it here. Want your ChuckB and TheFoxII? This 60-minute mp3 mix provides in abundance.

The tracklisting for “Mono BPM Vol.1” is as follows:

01. Dreamfish – Shredless Wonder (d/l .mod )
02. TheFoxII – Discodance (d/l .mod )
03. Mortimer Twang – Velvet Disko (d/l .mod )
04. Iso+TheFoxII – L’Ambient (d/l .mod )
05. Dreamfish – Sunrise Technology (d/l .mod )
06. ChuckB – Dig Deep (d/l .mod )
07. Twilight – Wired (d/l .mod )
08. TheFoxII – U Got To B U (d/l .mod )
09. Twilight+Mortimer Twang – The Future (d/l .mod )
10. Basehead – Indigo (d/l .mod )
11. ChuckB – Blur Reality (d/l .mod )
12. Substance – Parallel (d/l .mod )
13. Twilight – The Go Loop (d/l .mod )
14. Carebear – Farawayadventure (d/l .mod )

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01 – Mono BPM Vol.1

Front Cover

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