Smash & Willbe – Separate Ways (Hoffman’s Hardware Remix) {mtw018}

Artist: Smash & Willbe
Separate Ways (Hoffman’s Hardware Remix)
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When the clamoring for a relaunch of Mono211 died down, we released that we’d been concentrating a little too much on the downbeat, abstract side of things, and it was good to open up with some _real_ kickin’ stuff on our breakbeat break-beast of a sublabel.

So here we are, and the first release sees English jazz-ster, Smash, as remixed by talented French instrumental hiphop-meister, Willbe, _THEN_ remixed by the mercurial Hoffman, who’s been with Mono right from the start, even part of our first ever release. And he’s only getting better, folks – this measured breaks-remix blends techno, jungle, and nu-skool breaks in an gunshot-sharp way. Still seems like the sound of the future to us, and with forthcoming eruptions from DJ Nova, Darkhalo and Willbe feat. Sear pushing the point even further, we predict a sunny break-filled 2001 throughout the Mono211 sublabel area.

But for now, the mellow keys + outrageous snare-hits of Hoffman’s steppah remix transmogrifies Smash+Willbe’s super original into the way we want to go on – stylish and hard-hitting to a tee, but different, subtly different.

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01 – Separate Ways (Hoffman’s Hardware Remix)

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