Hoffman – mono211.do.d+b {mtwdj03}

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Mono mainstay and UK breakz+techno-terror Hoffman (formerly known as Dreamfish) gives us another absolute gem of a mix, and this time it’s a drum+bass extravanganza taken from the best of the junglistically influenced Mono/Mono211/Monotonik tunes to be released over the past 4 years.

This is also unique in that it’s Hoffman’s first virtual mix – whilst he’s a whiz with the ol’ Technics, this track was mixed using the Virtual Turntables PC software alongside a Numark mixer, plus an Alesis QuadraVerb for extra flange/chorus (which adds a whole new dimension the mix!) The mix was entirely done ‘live’, too (no re-edits or cheating to get the beats behaving themselves!)

So, whether it’s classy Dharma tracks, break-rich guest releases from Astradyne and Paniq, or even smart old rollers from Hoffman himself, sit back and let the beats flow, won’t you?

Tracklisting is as follows:
(archive-location mentioned if the original tune is a .MOD!)

1. Hoffman – “ZooWax” (99/m_end.zip)
2. Prob. – “Agent Blues” (99/m_end.zip)
3. Dharma – “Dance To The Drummer’s Beat” (mp3)
4. Prob+Ebb+Tek+Substance – “Benedict (Stylez Remix)” (99/m_bsm.zip)
5. Ramone – “Micfiend” (99/m_end.zip)
6. Distance (aka Lackluster) – “Untitled Bonus Track” (99/m_unt.zip)
7. Simon V – “Screwdriver” (mp3)
8. Hoffman (as Dreamfish) – “Unreal” (97/m_unre.zip)
9. Paniq – “Mind Eraser” (98/m_era.zip)
10. Relief+Skizo – “d.3.o” (98/m_d3o.zip)
11. Astradyne – “Ghostface” (98/m_gho.zip)
12. Kuu – “Contours Of Infinity” (mp3)
13. Substance – “Beat For Me” (mp3)
14. Hoffman (as Dreamfish) – “Warm” (97/m_unre.zip)

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01 – mono211.do.d+b

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