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Nu-Skool Rules
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He had a part in the first ever Mono release back in 1996, and he’s being hanging around with us ever since, poor guy. Now, UK composer/DJ Hoffman (formerly known as Dreamfish, fact-fans!) has been good enough to provide us with the first of two superior DJ mixes.

This one fits squarely into the Mono211 ‘breakbeats’ peg with some super-hot, cutely mixed nu-skool breaks action. So, we’re talking Waveform, Uptown Connection, Ils, BT/Hybrid (with superlative Kirsty Hawkshaw vocals), and even Luke Slater doing his super-duper super-luper action, and some interesting breakbeat/hiphop melanges in there too…

If you’re a little bored with the alternately jazz-wank or squonky-darkstep world of drum+bass, and prefer a cleaner electro sound, mark our words, this is the sound of the future. In 2023, BT will be world leader. And we’ll all be helpless drones. Hang on, is that good? Ahem. Well, anyway, great mix. Get it, and if you like the songs on it, support the artists and buy the vinyl/CDs 🙂


1. Waveform – “Breakers In Space” (TCR)
2. Breakneck – “V-Neck” (TCR)
3. Wayward Soul – “Sex, Drugs, And Computer Games” (white)
4. Waveform – “Proteus 4” (10 Kilo)
5. BT/Hybrid – “Running Down The Way” (Distinctive Breaks)
6. Waveform – “Deep Dubz” (TCR)
7. Terminalhead – “Weekend Warrior [Digweed+Muir Bedrock Dub]” (Distinctive Breaks)
8. Wayward Soul feat. Divine Styler – “PMT” (PIAS)
9. Ils – “Lights” (Fuel)
10. Breakneck – “Arse Ingear” (TCR)
11. Uptown Connection – “L.A” (TCR)
12. McMillan+Anderson – “Latino Breaks” (10 Kilo)
13. Waveform fear. EQ – “Landscapes” (TCR)
14. Skullduggery – “Album Sampler Track 1” (white)
15. Luke Slater – “Freek Funk” (Novamute)
16. Skullduggery – “Album Sampler Track 2” (white)
17. Ils – “Sabotage” (Fuel)

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01 – Nu-Skool Rules

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