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Artist: gd
Space Bar – Session 1
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Monotonik hasn’t had much chance to showcase less dark chill-out mixes up to now, but with so many of our artists being fans of the dreamiest ambient techno, as showcased by the FAX label and bands like Global Communication, it was only a matter of time.

Fortunately, San Francisco’s gd, an oldskool demo-fan and friend of Mono, has stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and delivered an excellent mix that blends Deep Space Network, Pete Namlook, and even Monolake in a sparsely electronic but refreshing mix-up. Also interesting to note that this mix solely uses Pioneer CDJ CD-mixers, and to very good effect.. with virtual turntables, pitch-variable CD players and vinyl all becoming parts of the DJ’s repertoire, blending sounds has never been such fun, or sounded so good.. 🙂

Track listing:

1. Deep Space Network – “The Beyond Within”
2. Monolake – “Abundance”
3. Global Communication – “9.25”
4. Move D + Namlook – “The Retro Rocket”
5. Spacetime Continuum – “Transient Generator”
6. Move D + Jonah Sharp – “U”
7. LTJ Bukem – “Feel What You Feel”
8. John Martyn – “Sunshine’s Better (Talvin Singh Remix)”
9. Galaxy – “Aquarian Deep Sea Diving (Part 1)”

cover _is_ gd

01 – Space Bar – Session 1

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