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Artist: Rents
Really Underground
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Portugese designer and all-round ‘nice guy’, Rents, who’s been helping us out on our cover-pictures of late, weighs in with another DJ set, this time exclusive, and it’s an entirely ‘scene’-based mix, covering .MOD and .MP3s from the weird but lovely ‘demo-scene’ that Monotonik+211+friends has grown out of.

Highlights? Dharma and Vim’s former Mono releases, lots of sublime Dune (BrothomStates) material, Urban Shakedown’s famous Amiga-written chart hit, and a nod to the Bitmap Brothers with the “Gods” .MOD theme – still funky+stylish after all these years.

We deliver this mix in 32kbps mp3, which we prefer to realaudio, quite often – hope you like it too.

The tracklisting goes like this:

Linus – Le Fonque Intro
Dharma – Dance to the Drummer’s Beat
Sushi Brother – Shadowfighter
Yolk + Legend – Deep Psilocybin (edit)
Dune – Nang
Splif Productions – Amber chance
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
Björk – Cover Me (remix by Harry)
Falcon – Polyamber
Prob – Dark Life
Henkka Kyllonen – Anil e80 Square Mix
Nation XII – Gods (theme)
Dune – 7
MD – B
Vim! – Whirlwind Snooker
Jugi – Tractatus Transicus
Darkhalo – Purity
Jean Nine – Mellon Moon
Disciples Of Ageema Blues – All Times By Music
brothomStates – Itch
Dune – The Sea Robot of Love
Krii – Seven Chambers: Chamber 1
MD – TE 2R
Sensorama – Echtzeit (remix by Jazz)
Ceniq – Xeq Complex
Distance – Glass
Jcole – Lungs, Thank You
Substance – Smart Identity Control
Vim! – Tea Diddums
Stereoman – Ness Lullabye
MD – Opera
Audiomonster – Streetgang

cover by rents

01 – Really Underground

Front Cover

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