H.Kyllönen – Personal Gain Vol.1 (Promo) {ep/lp release #14}

Artist: H.Kyllönen
Personal Gain Vol.1 (Promo)
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #14
Release Date:

H.Kyllönen’s milk-promo for Personal Gain Vol.1 contains 2 tracks from the original 7 track ep. Henkka goes back to the noisy and distorted sound world of no Xivic CD1 with tracks Lika and Little Sister 2. Althought these tracks sound very much like the nxCD1 tracks they have a cleaner, crispier and a bit punchier sound.
Both Lika and Little Sister 2 are fast tunes with the distorted hard core idm beat playing the main role. The drum beats are effected with filtering and heavy altering of EQ settings. Lika has probably a bit more variation in the sound selection with telephone speech samples (distorted, of course) and different kinds of effects (the reverbed machine ambience at the end completes the track perfectly). Little Sister 2 has a more recognizeable melody (as Lika’s melody is in the background as a distorted bass line) but the sound world is a bit poor and there’s not much of happening.
If you like fast intelligent hard core then you should get this.


01 – Lika
02 – Little Sister 2

Front Cover
Back Cover

Additional Files:
02_h.kyll�nen_-_lika [DIZ] [PNG]
03_h.kyll�nen_-_little_sister_2 [DIZ] [PNG]

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