Rents – End Of The Halcyon Days {mtkdj02}

Artist: Rents
End Of The Halcyon Days
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Another Monotonik DJ-mix wanders brightly your way, and this time it’s from long-time Portugese Mono associate, Rents, who’s mixed up this rather lovely 73-minute cut-up, featuring everything from the obvious but gorgeous Aphex remixes and Kreidler to the inspired (Snooze – “Your Consciousness Goes Bip” – a forgotten classic, for one!) With environmental effects cleverly mixed in, and real-time tracklisting and graphics on the streaming version, courtesy of Realplayer G2, this is overall officially a ‘good thing’ – listen at once!

Intro: At the backseat of a bus
Bochum Welt – La Nuit
Soft Ballet – Sand Lowe (The Aphex Twin remix)
Massive Attack – Napoli Trip
Juno Reactor – God is God
Goran Bregovic – Underground Cocek
The Mike Flowers’ Pops vs Aphex Twin – Debase
The Aphex Twin – Flim
Interlude I: Plaza Boavista
Kreidler – Au Pair
Orbital – Are we Here? (Who Are They?)
Autechre – Weissensee (Tribute to Neu!)
Air – Talisman
Baby Fox – Johnny Lipshake
Bob Marley – Zion Train
Interlude II: Walking
Autechre – Arch Carrier
Dip – Glands
DJ Spooky – The Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri 2974
Bubbah’s Tum – Dirty Great Marble (Boards of Canada mix)
Simon V – Rainclouds
Lamb – Gorecki (Global Communication mix)
Autechre – Montreal
Autechre – Clipper
Hati Monji – Black Lightning
The Aphex Twin – Aphex Airlines
Interlude III: Arcade machines
Bogdan Raczynski – Boku Mo Wakaran Trk.12
Seti – Photism
Tortoise – The Source of Uncer
Deep Space Network – Eleven Bars
Snooze – Your Consciousness Goes Bip
David Holmes – Gone
Bochum Welt – Phaedra
Bola – Forcasa 3
dEUS – Roses
Outro: Guernica Caffe

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01 – End Of The Halcyon Days

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