[unknown artist] – ep1 {ep/lp release #13}

Artist: [unknown artist]
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #13
Release Date:

1. 1/4 [4:16]

“pretty much the same random-generated crap”, would some conservative fellow say. i agree partially; this sounds a bit like random-generated noise. but there’s somekind of melody near the start. later on there’s those head-fucking noises, which will make you sick, if you are high-strung. maybe this track is a bit of change to those old binary-noise -tracks. this track is quite difficult to review, listen it by yourself, and decide.


2. 2/4 [0:58]

wow, there’s even notable melodies now. the first three seconds at start sound like they’re taken from some pseudo-ambient collection. this tracks sounds a bit eerie at times,funnily enough i don’t know why. nice hi-frequency clips are dropped in in the start. but the end is a bit weaker than the start, because it’s a bit too much to the random-generated music. pretty nice, although short.


3. 3/4 [1:08]

incredible head-fucking noise starts this track. then a bit distorted bassdrum joins the game, sounding like some binary-gabber/hardcore a while.:) but the end is even more incredible, it’s like from some c64- tape played in normal cassette-deck. maybe even a bit more fucked up. whoever created this knows how to distort and alter the sound into new random-sounding -cacophony.


4. 4/4 [10:27]

ultraviolet ambient, i thought when i heard this track the first time. nice hi-freq strings and bizarre sound effects are present the whole running time. this is not the normal chill-out, harmonical ambient, with soothing strings, etc. perhaps i would call this autechre-ish ambient (no offense). the soundscape is filled with effects, which sound like an edited beat, can’t be sure. but the one thing is for sure, if you like raw, modern ambient, get this.


– tuomas.r

01 – 1/4
02 – 2/4
03 – 3/4
04 – 4/4

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