Bulentoi – The Bulentoi {rel#77}

Artist: Bulentoi
 The Bulentoi
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“The Bulentoi” is a minimal electric/ambient tune consisting mainly of a minimal drum beat and a simple but beautiful melody played with a slightly filtered and reverbed sine-like sound. Even a nice pad sound is present at one point. The drums aren’t very complicated – just a simple repetitive bass/snare combination with occasional hihats and zaps. I think the drums couldn’t be much better. The melody couldn’t be much better either. This track is a professionally crafted tune and has a very nice overall sound. This is a welcome change for people who are bored with fast idm beats and prefer more melodic music and a little less of everything for a change.


01 – The Bulentoi

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MILK0077 [NFO] [PNG]

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