rain – x15periments {rel#66}

Artist: rain
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A nice idm tune with a nice melody with old chip-tune like pitch bender instrument. There are various different instruments and melodies playing along the main melody. The drums consist of retrigged idm bleeps and different drum loops which are effected with a nice flange at times. This track continues our happy-tunes-for-the-fall series.



pretty “happy” idm tune from rain, which is quite unkown artist to me. the track starts with strings, which are a bit echoed, and spiced up with a bit repetitive beat. at ~1:20 sine/sq-wave join in, which is the only part in this song i disliked. it sounds so, well, a bit stupid. nota bene – this is only my opinion.

not mind-blowing, but good, i’d say.



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