salice – purple/green+blue {ep/lp release #4}

Artist: salice
Catalog #:
ep/lp release #4
Release Date:

“Purple” is something very nice playing with a mono lead. There are notes used from octave number -2 to 9 I guess. Nice filters and vibratos too. This is a very short one – well it is an intro for the album. The album’s ending tune “purple revisit” is very similar both by it’s name and it’s melodies though it is more of an improvised track.
Sweeping pads and heavy beats play the mainrole in “adv track”. The drum beat has effected electronic drum sounds. There are effects that go very nice in rhythm with the drum beat. I love the reverbed noises.
The third track is one of my favorites on the album. “Green circles” starts with something sounding like an electric piano. There are some sinewave pianos and clarinet-sounding instruments playing melodies. The drums are just great with effects like filters and reversed beats used in just the right parts. There are some clever little pitchbend and other tricks during the tune. The track ends with a single sinewave instrument playing something very different from the other tune but sounding very nice still.
“Denatured” turns more on the Autechre’ish side with it’s bizarre noisy drums and effects. On the other hand, the beautiful pads (which you might hear on the background) are just pure ambient (in Selected Ambient Works II style). I’m so glad there is the end part with only those pads. They are just great.
The fifth tune “sun track” is again another of my favorites. It starts with bizarre sounds such as pitched up drum loops. A 12-string guitar (at least it sounds like one) playing nice melodies and chords – very relaxing. A sine bass introduces the extremely crisp drum&bass drum beat. Again there are very much effects used on the drums. The track’s end is a bit weird, completely separate from the rest of the tune.

High quality, professional idm. Reminds me of Aphex Twin’s Richard D.James LP (have you by the way noticed how many times milk-tunes have been compared to Aphex Twin’s work?). Watch out Warp, if we continue releasing music like this (and oh yes we will) we might become a good competitor for you.

[ 93 %]

01 – purple
02 – adv track
03 – green circles
04 – denatured
05 – sun track
06 – purple revisit

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